9 Ways to Earn Extra Money (and Still Keep Your Day Job)

There are really only two ways to get ahead financially; spend less and earn more. In this blog, I have talked a lot about how to spend less. However, this time I thought it important to talk about earning more. There are so many reasons why you might need more money right now: winter clothes for the kids, to pay down debt, to build up savings, to catch up. Life happens, and you may find yourself needing extra cash. Here is a list ways you can generate some extra income.

Clear out your basement and attic while making some money selling things you never use. There are millions of buyers around the world who search eBay for everything from CDs and VHS tapes (remember those?) to children’s clothes. With very little time invested, you can make some money on your old things.

Garage/Yard Sale
Not sure if Internet sites like eBay are right for you? Use a time-tested method for selling your things … garage/yard sales. For some great tips, visit Yard Sale Queen. Whatever you don’t sell, give to a charity or church. It feels good, and you will get a receipt for a tax write off.

Become a Guest Speaker
Do you have a business skill that people need? Do you find yourself giving out advice about a particular area? Business clubs like ABWA, ACA, BNI and others often pay for guest speakers. Write an outline of your presentation, and start calling networking clubs. Also, check your local community colleges for teaching opportunities.

Make and Sell Items
Do you have a craft or skill? A member of the Essential Knowledge team makes amazing items for pets. She sews these in her spare time, and sells them at area craft shows and makes $500 a day. If you paint, woodwork, or have another talent, look into places where you can sell your products.

Use your Secret Talents
Can you design a website, write a marketing plan, or offer a service? Freelance work is all around us, and easy to list on social networking sites. You may be surprised at the demand for your talents.

Pick up a Paper Route
This may not be as glamorous as the others, but it does pay well.

Become a Website Affiliate marketer
Set up affiliate agreements with online vendors, and do the marketing for them for a percentage of the sale. ShoeMoney has a free tutorial to get started.

Get a Part-Time Job
We all know that this is an option, but sometimes it is hard to schedule around your day job. However, if you have more time than you have money, it makes sense to get another steady income. Dave Ramsey will tell you to deliver pizzas, but don’t rule out bartending, waiting tables, or retail stores. Each type of business will offer different shifts or schedules.

Switch Banks
Financial institutions are very competitive right now, and many are offering cash incentives for new accounts. Do some research, and you can pick up an extra $100 for opening a new account. Just make sure to meet the minimum requirements, and plan on staying for awhile.

Do you have a great idea how to make extra money? Please share!

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2 Responses

  1. [NAME],

    Good information! I’d like to add “Networking” to the list. For me, health and wellness is a passion and because I am proactive and will spend money in this area, I chose this field. After much research and found a company of integrity,debt-free, great patented products distributed thru network marketing. A natural fit…I love it because I get healthier, earn money and help others do the same.

    Note: There are numerous companies that utilize Network Marketing. Do your research. In my opinion and many economist too, Network Marketing is the future today. Again, it’s key to know what to look for. I’m happy to share a check list to those interested.

  2. [NAME] – You’re right about banks offering cash incentives for new accounts. A quick plug here for myRewards savings accounts at Commerce Bank –

    ** Two new accounts that pay you to save

    myRewards Savings: Make deposits for 11 consecutive months and well make your deposit in the 12th month up to $50 per account2
    myRewards Money Market: Get a 0.5% cash bonus up to $200 on your savings balance3
    No minimum balance or monthly service charge

    Start saving and making more money today!!

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