Tips for Fall Savings
September 24, 2009

This week marked the first day of fall. It’s hard to believe that we’re already at that time of year, and that cold weather is right around the corner for most of us. In Kansas, we still have 70 degree days and thoughts of sleet and snow seem a million miles away. However, this is the perfect time to use that final warm weather to do some easy things around the house to save money.

Do you have a programmable thermostat? This is one of the best ways to save on your heating and cooling costs. Why pay for air conditioning on a cool day? Check with your local utility company, but KCPL offers a free programmable thermostat, valued at $300 if you sign up for their Energy Optimizer program. It’s all free, and the program claims to save homeowners 20% of their utility costs. Click here to learn about the KCPL program.

While you are at it, lower your thermostat 5 to 7 degrees at night. Your energy savings will increase as much as 3% – 5% for every degree the thermostat is below 68. This is easy to do with mild days and cool nights.

Clean or replace your furnace filters once a month or as needed.  Dirty filters can block warm air from the furnace and make it operate less efficiently, costing you money. Check online for cheap filters delivered direct to you. Check out websites like Furnace Filters Outlet which offer free shipping.

Weatherize your home by caulking and weather-stripping all exterior doors and windows. There are some inexpensive caulking tools at your local hardware store that are perfect for novices.

Another easy fix is to lock your windows to make the seal tighter and to eliminate drafts.

If you are really feeling the DIY spirit, wrap your water heater with an insulation jacket.  This will help the appliance retain heat by limiting the amount of heat lost to the air.

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